SpaceDoge is DeFi token
SpaceDoge is DeFi token

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Introducing the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost

I am SpaceDoge and with your help we will reach the moon together. The community to be created is most important to me in this adventure, as together we can achieve great things. Additionally I will support you with my newest developing technology, the SpaceDoge auto-boost, which I will introduce to you shortly:

The SpaceDoge auto-boost is a function integrated into the smart contract of the token to stabilize and support the price. A part of the transaction fees flows into the auto-boost pool, which buys and burns tokens in a cycle of 24 hours, depending on the volume traded in this periodΒ This unique feature supports the chart in two different ways. On the one hand, the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost stabilizes the price of the token in general, but especially when a possible sell-off occurs, thus strongly counteracting the fall of the price. On the other hand, another value-creating feature is integrated in the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost. A part of the pooled tokens is also burned forever, which implies an automatic price increase of the token.


Token Name SpaceDoge
Token Ticker $SPACEDOGE
Contract 0x63c34cc066fd89f1cb9318c9ae2faefb41f00bd4
Chain Binance Smart Chain
Total Supply
Liquidity lock 6 months
DEX PancakeSwap
Listing Price coming soon...
Launch Date Announcement soon


10% Tax Fee

For each transaction a tax fee of 10% is taken, which is divided into the following parts:

4% Auto-Boost

SpaceDoges revolutionary auto-boost system to support the price

1% Liquidity

To further support the price, a part flows into the liquidity pool

4% Rewards

Each transaction rewards the loyal holders of our community

1% Marketing

To ensure the continuous promotion of our project


December 2021

☐ Release staking-platform beta for holder
πŸ—Ή Deploy token
☐ Presale on DxSale
☐ Launch on pancakeswap
☐ 1.000+ holder
πŸ—Ή Start of marketing campaign
☐ Application for Coinmarketcap
☐ Application for Coingecko
πŸ—Ή Launch on crypto-related sites (coinhunt, coinsniper,...)
πŸ—Ή Launch on social media

January 2022

☐ Release staking-platform app beta for holder
☐ Audit
☐ 5.000+ holder
☐ Community contests
☐ Listing on Coinmarketcap
☐ Listing on Coingecko
☐ SpaceDoge merchandise

February 2022

☐ Release staking-platform app
☐ Establish partnerships
☐ 20.000+ holder
☐ Decentralized voting system for community
☐ more to come...

How To Buy

Note: $SPACEDOGE can’t be purchased through pancakeswap before the presale on dxsale is complete.


Visit PancakeSwap


Click the approve button (when it’s your first time buying $SPACEDOGE)


Type in the amount you want to purchase and click swap


Congratulations, you are now part of our great community


SpaceDoge is an experienced astronaut who has developed a unique and revolutionary system for exploring space, namely the SpaceDoge auto-boost. In order to use this amazing technology, he needs your help!

The preliminary goal of SpaceDoge is to reach the moon. For this purpose he has developed the SpaceDoge auto-boost.

$SpaceDoge will launch a presale on DxSale on and then start trading on pancakeswap (date to be announced).

$SpaceDoge can be purchased on PancakeSwap, immediately after the presale on dxsale (date to be announced).

$SpaceDoge has a transaction tax of 10%. The price impact must be added to this, which results in the slippage to be set.
12% should be a good default value.

We are a team of three ambitious developers and an experienced marketing manager.
We know each other from our studies and have already worked on several projects together.

The binance smart chain was selected because it has comparatively low transaction costs and a large number of users.