SpaceDoge is a community driven binance smart chain project with a unique and revolutionary new feature to reach the moon, the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost. In addition, further value-creating features for SpaceDoges friends are integrated directly in the smart contract.


SpaceDoge has the goal to reach the moon and with you together, we will achieve this and even more.

 In order to offer youour loyal friends and supporterseven more financial value as a gratitudeour token is characterized by five value-creating features 

SpaceDoge Auto-Boost

The SpaceDoge Auto Boost is the whole pride of SpaceDoge. It is a unique and revolutionary feature integrated into the smart contract of the token to stabilize and support the price. A part (4%) of the transaction fees flows into the auto-boost pool, which buys and burns tokens in a cycle of 24 hours, depending on the volume traded in this period. 

This unique feature supports the chart in two different ways. On the one hand, the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost stabilizes the price of the token in general, but especially when a possible sell-off occurs, thus strongly counteracting the fall of the price. On the other hand, another value-creating feature is integrated in the SpaceDoge Auto-Boost. A part of the pooled tokens is also burned forever, which implies an automatic price increase of the token.


You, as a loyal friend of SpaceDoge, will be regularly rewarded, to be precise, with every trade that is made. A tax (4%) is deducted from each trade, which is distributed to the holders depending on the number of tokens held. So every day you can watch the number of tokens in your wallet grow exponentially.  


Everyone knows the stale taste of inflation, where money is worth less and less over time. The SpaceDoge token is deflationary, which means that the supply of tokens decreases with each trade, whereby, through simple economic theory, the token automatically increases in value without you having to do anything. This value-creating method works by burning a small portion of the supply at thea launch of the token, making the burn address the top holder of the token. In conjunction with the rewarding system described above, each trade sends a portion of the token to the burn address, thus burning it forever. 


To close the circle of the value creating community token, liquidity is automatically deposited in the liquidity pool with every trade (1%). This ensures that you can trade the token at any time and to counteract major price fluctuations. Of course, the liquidity is also locked in order to prevent the slightest possibility of complications from the outset.  


In addition to the value-creating features of SpaceDoge just mentioned, which are integrated in the smart contract, a part of the transaction fee (1%) goes into the marketing wallet. Thus, SpaceDoge’s elaborate 3-step marketing plan can be implemented to expand our community with more loyal members every new day.

Staking Platform

In addition to the value-creating features integrated in the smart contract, SpaceDoge is working on a staking platform. This will give SpaceDoge’s loyal friends the opportunity to get the most out of their SpaceDoge tokens and earn another passive income.

All you have to do is stake the purchased $SPACEDOGE and you will automatically receive a regular passive income, which will also be paid out in $SPACEDOGE. This will further boost the amazing effect of compound interest, which will help us reach the moon as soon as possible.


Most of the supply belongs to you, SpaceDoges loyal friends, the community. You are SpaceDoges daily motivation to add one more hour, one more feature, to make this one thing even better and therefore the biggest part of the supply belongs to you.  

At launch, 25% of the token will be burned forever to enable the steady, value-creating deflation described above.   

The marketing wallet is used exclusively for advertising of SpaceDoges plan to reach the moon and holds 5% of the total supply. This is used to fund SpaceDoges elaborate marketing plan.